Bioclinica Has Acquired Clinverse

With Bioclinica’s clinical trial services capabilities and Clinverse’s expertise in clinical trial financial lifecycle management, the combination of the two organizations offers great benefits for our customers and partners.

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Is Your Site Payments Vendor SSAE Type II Certified?

With escalating challenges of expense accrual reporting for clinical trials, the SEC requires all reports on controls at service organizations be performed in accordance with SSAE Type II compliance.

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Cost Savings & Labor Reduction

Trial costs, scope, globalization and complexity continue to rise along with pressures for greater time and cost efficiencies to support expanded pipelines and profits. Clinverse can help you better manage and forecast for clinical trials.

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Want to Improve Site Satisfaction?

With the massive expansion in the number, complexity and duration of clinical trials, competition for experienced sites can be fierce. Let Clinverse help improve payments for your sites.

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Clinverse FLS — Automating the Financial Lifecycle of Global Clinical Trials

Beyond just automating site payments, our comprehensive offerings handle budgeting, forecasting, contract management, accruals, accounting and reporting.

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ClinPlan™ - for Trial Budget Management and Forecasting

Assessing and reassessing trial expenses throughout the life of the trial just got easier.

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Automate Accruals

Our solutions automate the clinical trial management process—so you can stop spending time computing accruals and get back to what matters.

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A Universal Payment Solution

Over 200 countries. 140 currencies.
We automate clinical trial payments on a global scale.
And we’re still growing.

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Why Does Site Management Have to Be so Complicated?

Did you know that currently most industry participants do not use an automated process to manage financial payments? Learn how to streamline payments with ClinPay, part of a suite of products designed to automate the entire financial lifecycle of global clinical trials.

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New White Paper

Clinical Trial Expense Accruals: Easing the Challenge & Audit Risk

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Clinical Trial Expense Accruals: Easing the Challenge & Audit Risk

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Is Your Financial Accrual System Fully Automated?

10 Criteria for an Optimal Financial Accrual System

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Learn How to Streamline Payments with ClinPay

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New White Paper – Clinical Trial Expense Accruals: Easing the Challenge & Audit Risk

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Learn How to Automate the Financial Lifecycle of Your Global Clinical Trials

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Top 3 Observed Sources of Dissatisfaction Within the Clinical Trials Industry


#1. Tracking Clinical Trial Costs Against the Budget


#2. Accurately Forecasting Study Budget


#3. Timely Collection of Billables Against Milestones

SOURCE: SCRS, Industry in Crisis Position Paper, March 2014

Accelerate Your Clinical Trials and Reduce Your Workload with Clinverse’s Automated Payment Solutions for Clinical Trials

Sponsors and CROs spend upwards of 5,000 hours managing site payment during an average study. And despite all that effort, sites still wait over 65+ days for payment. We can do better!

Our proprietary technology solutions help sponsors deliver rapid and accurate payments by automating the financial management of clinical trials. It links a site’s contract terms directly to the data captured in EDC, CTMS and other systems, to generate payments. No more spreadsheets, no more manually managing multiple systems; from here on out, it’s just accurate payments—fast.

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Be Fully in Control of Your Clinical Trial Payments Process

By: Greg Schweigert, Director of Technical Operations During my years in the clinical research industry working closely with CROs and Sponsors, I’ve seen many organizations realize the benefits of switching from manual payment processes like Excel spreadsheets, which...

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What’s Next for Clinverse and Our Customers

By: Jay Trepanier, Chief Executive Officer, Clinverse As you know, Clinverse was recently acquired by Bioclinica as part of Bioclinica’s eHealth solutions business segment. This is not only a huge accomplishment for us, but also beneficial to our valued customers and...

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How to Engage Sites with Prompt Payment

By: Jay Trepanier, Chief Executive Officer, Clinverse When it comes to achieving success in clinical trials, it truly takes a team. Sponsors, investigative sites and patients must work in partnership to complete this important work. However, with weighty matters in...

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Bioclinica Acquires Clinverse

Leading Solution Provider Expands into Financial Management Solutions for Clinical Trials DOYLESTOWN, Pa. – January 19, 2016 – Bioclinica®, Inc., a specialty clinical trials services and technology provider, announced today that it has acquired Clinverse, Inc. The...

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Clinverse, Inc. to Sponsor OmniComm’s 2015 Innovation Forum

DURHAM, NC — October 27, 2015 — Clinverse, Inc., provider of automated financial management technology solutions for clinical trials, announced it will sponsor OmniComm Systems’ 5th annual Innovation Forum in Delray Beach, Fla., October 29-30, 2015. The company will...

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